2020 Championship Series after 6 with 2
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The 2020 Thornhill Championship series is a best 6 out of 8 rounds series. Top 5 in all classes at the end of the series will receive big, real trophies. Plus the winner of each class that receives at least 80 total race entries during the series will receive a championship ring. Points are awarded for qualifying and the mains. Qualifying accounts for up to 50 points dropping 1 point for each position. The mains are worth up to 200 points dropping 2 points for each position. TQ is worth 1 point. Attendance points for each race will be 2 points, attendance points count for all races attended.

Track Address: Thornhill Racing Circuit 1575 County Road 101 Hutto Tx 78634

Friday: Gate opens at 9am Practice 1pm-7pm Saturday: Gate opens at 8am Practice 9am to 11:30pm Racing starts at NOON

Racing Entry Fee $25 first class, $15 each additional Practice Only $10 per track per person

Classes: - Sportsman Nitro Buggy - 1/8th scale .21 Nitro - Expert Nitro Buggy - 1/8th scale .21 Nitro - Nitro Truggy - 1/8th scale .21-.28 Nitro - Sportsman E-Buggy - 1/8th scale, any motor or batteries, No chassis sponsors - Expert E-Buggy - 1/8th scale, any motor or batteries - E-Truggy - 1/8th scale, any motor or batteries. - Beginner