Busy week at Thornhill

We are racing 3 times this week. Triple Threat Wednesday, Saturday Turf racing, and Oval track racing. Here is all the details: **Wednesday - Triple Threat turf racing. - Track opens 5pm - First round at 6pm, second at 7pm, third at 8pm - Done by 9pm - Qual point style of racing, best 2 out of 3 determines finishing position - Heads up races - $15 first entry/$10 second - If running behind you can still signup for round 2 - Entries limited to 6 heats - Big track is closed on Wednesdays We usually get 2 heats of 17.5, 2 heats of 13.5, a heat of spec slash and a heat of mod Turf Track racing this Saturday February 2nd. It's the Sixth race in the Consistently Consistent Series. This ra

Thornhill Oval Track

Oval track information: First oval race day is February 2nd. Oval will run on the Saturdays that are Thornhill Jr days on our schedule. Schedule is pinned at the top of this page or at thornhillrc.com The Thornhill Jr Saturdays will have a new schedule which you will find below. Saturday schedule on Jr track race days: 8:30am practice opens Jr and 1/8 tracks 10:30am practice closed Jr track 11:00am racing starts Jr track 2:00pm practice closed 1/8 track 3:30pm practice opens oval track 5:00pm estimated completion of Jr track racing 5:30pm practice ends oval track 6:00pm racing starts oval track Practice will remain open on the Jr track after racing is over until 7pm. Entry Fee is $20