The Second Championship Series race is this Saturday February 9th and once again we will be having open practice this Friday February 8th. Friday practice will be from 11am-7pm(practice fees apply). We will be starting Friday practice with the track wet then allowing it to dry. Saturday the track will be run dry.

The 2019 Thornhill Championship series is a best 6 out of 8 rounds series. Top 5 in all classes at the end of the series will receive big real trophies. Plus the winner of each class that receives at least 80 total race entries during the series will receive a championship ring. Points are awarded for qualifying and the mains. Qualifying accounts for up to 50 points dropping 1 point for each position. The mains are worth up to 200 points dropping 2 points for each position. TQ is worth 1 point. Attendance points for each race will be 2 points, attendance points count for all races attended.

Friday: Gate opens at 9am Practice 11am-7pm Saturday: Gate opens at 8am Practice 9am to 11:30pm Racing starts at NOON

Racing Entry Fee $25 first class, $15 each additional Practice Only $10 per track per person

Classes: - Sportsman Nitro Buggy - 1/8th scale .21 Nitro - Expert Nitro Buggy - 1/8th scale .21 Nitro - Nitro Truggy - 1/8th scale .21-.28 Nitro - Sportsman E-Buggy - 1/8th scale, any motor or batteries, No chassis sponsors - Expert E-Buggy - 1/8th scale, any motor or batteries - E-Truggy - 1/8th scale, any motor or batteries. - Beginner

We are racing 3 times this week. Triple Threat Wednesday, Saturday Turf racing, and Oval track racing. Here is all the details:

**Wednesday - Triple Threat turf racing.

- Track opens 5pm - First round at 6pm, second at 7pm, third at 8pm - Done by 9pm - Qual point style of racing, best 2 out of 3 determines finishing position - Heads up races - $15 first entry/$10 second - If running behind you can still signup for round 2 - Entries limited to 6 heats - Big track is closed on Wednesdays

We usually get 2 heats of 17.5, 2 heats of 13.5, a heat of spec slash and a heat of mod

Turf Track racing this Saturday February 2nd. It's the Sixth race in the Consistently Consistent Series. This race is open to anyone, even if you've missed previous points races. Big track will be open for practice until 2pm.

Saturday Turf track schedule: 8:30am practice opens Jr and 1/8 tracks 10:30am practice closed Jr track 11:00am racing starts Jr track 2:00pm practice closed 1/8 track 5:00pm estimated completion of Jr track racing

Practice will remain open on the Jr track after racing is over until 7pm.

The Consistently Consistent Series for the Thornhill Jr track is a best 5 out of 7 series giving you 2 drops. The scoring in the series does not depend on how you finish in the racing. Your finishing position in the series is based on your consistency rating in your main. Highest consistency rating per class gets first in series points. If your in the A main, B main, C main, etc it doesn't matter. The most consistent gets 1 point, 2nd most gets 2 points, etc. Lowest points at the end of the series wins. Also highest average consistency rating at the end of the series out of all the classes will get a special most consistent award. If you are unaware of the consistency rating you can see it on the race results at You must finish your main for your consistency rating to count.

Practice 8:30am-10:30am Racing starts at 11am

Racing Entry Fee $20 first class, $10 each additional Practice Only $10

Jr Track Classes: -Beginner (needs to be 1/10 scale and electric) -17.5 2wd Buggy (17.5 Blinky, 8.4v max) -2wd Stadium Truck -4wd Stadium Truck -13.5 4wd Buggy (13.5 Blinky, 8.4v max) -Mod 4wd Buggy -Spec Slash (stock xl-5 RTR Slash Truck 8.4v max) -4wd Mod SC

Some classes may be combined to fill heats. Min of 5 per heat.

There is no extra fee for running in the points series and there is nothing special that you have to do to be signed up for it except for running in our normal club races.

Thornhill Oval race is this Saturday February 2nd. Practice opens at the latest 3:30pm(maybe sooner depending on how long prep takes). Racing starts at 6pm

We will also have one more oval practice this Wednesday evening Jan 30th from 5pm-9pm ($10 practice fee).

Saturday oval track schedule : 3:30pm practice opens oval track 5:30pm practice ends oval track 6:00pm racing starts oval track

Oval Entry Fee for the first race is $15 first class/$10 each additional 2 qualifiers and mains

These are going to be the main classes that we will be running. It's not limited to these, but it takes 5 entries to make a class of it's own. Electric only, and 1/10 scale only.

Oval classes and rules: 10.5 Midwest Modified - SC Modified - Outlaw Sprint - 13.5 Street Stock - Latemodel - 13.5 4wd Spec Latemodel - Spec Slash - 13.5 4wd Buggy - 17.5 2wd Buggy - Bucket/Beginner - Run what you brung

Only class with a spec tire is Spec Slash

10.5, 13.5 and 17.5 classes are blinky mode on the esc All classes are 2wd except for those labelled 4wd 2 Cell HARD CASE Lipos 8.40v Max in all classes NO GYRO OR DRIVING DEVICES ALLOWED IN ANY CLASS