Oval Classes


These are going to be the main classes that we will be running. It's not limited to these, but it takes 5 entries to make a class of it's own. Electric only, and 1/10 scale only to begin with. We may allow 1/8 scales later on.

The classes and rules:
10.5 Midwest Modified - https://www.dirtoval.com/Rules
SC Modified - http://www.rcchilibowl.com/rules
Outlaw Sprint - https://www.dirtoval.com/Rules
13.5 Street Stock - http://www.rcchilibowl.com/rules
Latemodels - http://www.rcchilibowl.com/rules
13.5 4wd Spec Latemodel - Look Below
Spec Slash - https://www.thornhillrc.com/specslash
13.5 4wd Buggy - http://www.roarracing.com/
17.5 2wd Buggy - http://www.roarracing.com/
Bucket/Beginner - Run what you brung

Only class with a spec tire is Spec Slash
10.5, 13.5 and 17.5 classes are blinky mode on the esc
All classes are 2wd except for those labelled as 4wd
2 Cell HARD CASE Lipos 8.40v Max in all classes

13.5 4wd Spec Latemodel class rules:

Has to be a offroad 4wd buggy, no oval upgrades allowed, only oem upgrades allowed. (ie xray car has to have xray springs, towers, chassis, etc)13.5 blinky with a late model body like the protoform nor'easter body. We are thinking the body can be mounted with bent lexan attached to the towers somehow. Easily removed so the car can still be run on the turf. So pretty much take you car from the turf track, mount the late model body, put on dirt tires and race oval.