Thornhill - 1 Nature - 0 at Thornhill Cup

First I want to say a big thank you to all of the TRC crew and my whole family, without all of you this race would not have happened. Mother nature tried its best to beat us down but we would not let it. It rained Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night as much as 3 inches each night! But somehow we got it dried out and raced. We even got 3 qualifiers and decently long mains in. Thank you Paul for the announcing it was good to hear your race calling and your taking care of business. I also want to thank everyone that came to race, despite the bad weather you came and had faith that we would get it done, and we did.....thanks everybody.

Thornhill cup final standings 1.png

Thornhill cup final standings 2.png

Thornhill cup final standings 3.png

Thornhill cup final standings 4.png

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