Summer Series race #3 this Saturday

Turf track racing this Saturday with air conditioning on in the pits. This will be race number 3 of out summer series. The 1/8 scale big track will also be open for practice on Friday and Saturday this week.

Here is the schedule:

Friday 1:00pm Big track, Jr track and hobby shop open 7:00pm Tracks and hobby shop close

Saturday: 8:30am Big track, Jr track and hobby shop open 11:30am practice ends NOON racing starts Jr track 6:00pm estimated completion of Jr track racing (Ifmar qualifying, 3 qualifiers and mains $20 first entry/$10 each additional)

Practice per person per track per day $10 Race fee covers practice fee for that track for that day only.

Summer Series points are awarded for qualifying and the mains. Qualifying accounts for up to 50 points dropping 1 point for each position. The mains are worth up to 200 points dropping 2 points for each position. TQ is worth 1 point. Attendance points for each race will be 2 points, attendance points count for all races attended.

Racing Entry Fee $20 first class, $10 each additional Practice Only $10

Jr Track Classes: -Beginner (needs to be 1/10 scale and electric) -Spec Slash (stock xl-5 RTR Slash Truck 8.4v max) -Bandit (stock xl-5 RTR Bandit Buggy 8.4v max) -17.5 2wd Buggy (17.5 Blinky, 8.4v max) -13.5 4wd Buggy (13.5 Blinky, 8.4v max) -Mini Truggy(4wd Stadium Truck) -2wd Stadium Truck -Mod 4wd Buggy

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