Daniel Grobe Benefit Race and Dinner

This Saturday and Sunday will be the Daniel Grobe Benefit race and dinner. Signups will be at the track. We have some great prizes for a raffle which will be given away during the dinner, including a XRAY XT8 kit. See the flier for classes and schedule. We will also be open for Friday practice from 1pm-7pm separate practice fees will apply for that day. The Jr track will be open Friday and Saturday for practice as well.

One of our fellow racers and race announcer extraordinaire, Daniel Grobe, was in a terrible car accident a couple of weeks ago. He sustained a large list of serious injuries. Broken neck, broken back, broken clavacle, open fractured femur, both knee caps broken, lots of road rash, cuts, scrapes, bruises, and stiches. He is without a doubt lucky to be alive and really lucky not to have sustained any brain trauma or damage to internal organs. He is making improvements everyday and is getting some feeling back in his legs and feet. It's going to be a long hard road to recovery, but obviously medical bills along with his household bills are going to be a heavy burden.

To help with this on September 21-22 we are having a benefit race and dinner for him. This is a 2 day race with practice Saturday morning, followed by 2 qualifiers. There will be a donations based benefit dinner at 7pm Saturday evening. On Sunday there will be a last chance qualifier(rocket round qualifying) and then mains. Entry fee is donation based with a minimum of $30 first class/$20 each additional. No awards to be given as we are wanting all entry fees to aid in Grobe's recovery. The benefit dinner is open to anyone including: Big track racers, Turf racers, oval racers, friends, family, etc. The dinner is donations based with the proceeds going to Grobe's recovery.

For anybody that can't make it to the race or the benefit dinner that would like to just help out with a donation of any amount. Please send it straight to Daniel's paypal, it will be greatly appreciated.

paypal is

Race entries will be at the track, please rsvp for the dinner at

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