Winter Series on the Dirt and Turf

The 2020 Thornhill Winter series. This will be a best 4 out of 6 rounds series that will be on the turf track and shortened dirt track. The races counting for points will alternate back and forth between the tracks each weekend that Dirt and Turf runs. All of our normal classes that we normally run in the Dirt and Turf race program will be in the series. There is no extra charge for the series races beyond normal race entries. Points are awarded for qualifying and the mains. Qualifying accounts for up to 50 points dropping 1 point for each position. The mains are worth up to 200 points dropping 2 points for each position. TQ is worth 1 point. Attendance points for each race will be 2 points, attendance points count for all races attended. The flyer below shows the dates that the race result for each track will count towards points.

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