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Race Info

Racing Information

We race every Saturday. We occasionally have big races that can change our race days. All other races are considered club races and are open to everyone as long as your car fits into one of our classes. 

If you are interested in racing and haven't done it before, the best thing is to come on out on a race day and see the racing. It's free to come and watch. Make sure to ask questions while there and see if it's something you would like to do. We have a beginner class so you can start racing there. Everybody out there racing started at one time in that class. 

On a race day if you plan to race you need to get signed up before running on the track. To do that go into the hobby shop and ask to get signed up. Your race entry covers your practice fee for that day on that track. If only practicing you will need to pay your practice fee before running on the track. Practice fees are $15 per person, per day. Practice fees are paid inside the hobby shop.

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